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The school called....your child has lice.....what do you do now?


At Licebeaters, we can rid your family of head lice


We know that finding head lice in your child's hair, or even your own hair, is a stressful experience for many.  Luckily you have made a great first step in working towards eradicating lice from your family and home. We are happy you have come to our site looking for answers on how to become lice-free TODAY!  The key to becoming lice-free is to treat the family members that are infested with lice immediately.  Head lice spreads quickly and if not treated properly will continue to spread and re-infest itself as the life cycle continues.  Over the counter treatments are not 100% effective and contain chemicals and pesticides which exposes your family to adverse reactions and harmful effects.  At Licebeaters, we know that the safety of your family is your main concern which is why it is our's as well.  We only use all-natural treatment options that are proven to be 100% effective and safe.  We know that it is a stressful time for you and your family which is why we also strive to make the treatment process a carefree and relaxed process. We take pride in knowing our clients had a stress-free treatment, and aim to make each family satisfied.

Why Choose LiceBeaters?

Proven Experience! Over 15 years experience in successfully treating children and adults with head lice. 

All Natural Treatment Options! Our treatments are non-toxic and chemical free.

We come to you! We will treat your family in the comfort of your home.

Treatment is performed by the owners!  Our experience is personally provided to your family rather than hiring technicians who learn as they go.

100% Success Rate! Our treatment plan has eradicated lice from all families we have treated.

We'RE available when you need US! Appointments available at your family's convenience, not ours.

Lowest prices in the area! We charge per head, not per hour with no travel charge.

No extra charge for evening or weekend appointments! We know lice doesn't work 9-5 so neither do we.

No hidden costs! All prices are provided up front. We won't surprise you at the end with any add-ons.

No return treatment REQUIRED! Other companies require a return visit at an additional cost. Our treatment does not require us to charge you again to return.

Questions? We know questions come up after we leave. Rest assured we are a phone call away if you need us!

Keeping Kids Safe is our Main Priority!
That is why we only provide an
 ALL-NATURAL lice treatment  that is 100% safe AND effective
Our treatment contains NO chemicals or pesticides and completely eradicates head lice....GUARANTEED!



Licebeaters guarantees that after our visit your family will be free of lice.  If a live bug is found within 10 days of treatment, we will return at no charge to treat the head.*

We also guarantee your child will be ready to return to school the following day and will provide a certificate of treatment for the school. 

* please see GUARANTEE page for full details

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